Torino Classic - 60€

A fascinating, fun journey to discover some of the most prominent places in splendid Torino [..]

Evening emotions - 70€

Every city has its calling, and Torino is strikingly impressive, especially when viewed in a certain light [..]

The Twilight Hour - 70€

The Twilight Hour is a certain time of the day: a fleeting moment between sunset and night time when the sky turns an incredible shade of blue [..]


Un viaggio a 2 ruote attraverso le Locations del grande Cinema italiano e internazionale “Made in Turin”; un tour emozionante che vi farà rivivere in prima persona le scene più suggestive di alcune fra le più belle pellicole di sempre.

Po River Tour - 60€

A fascinating, fun journey to discover some of the most prominent places in splendid Torino! [..]

On sight by night&i love segway - €35/h

Would you like to move around the city, freely on your Segway, day and night? We will take you wherever wherever you wish to go [..]

Tour of the Lakes - 50€

The Tour of the Lakes is a great nature itinerary inside the “La Mandria Regional Park” [..]

Ancient Hunting Grounds - 50€

The “Ancient Hunting Grounds” tour is a charming immersion in the 18th century atmospheres of the Sabauda Court [..]

Torino Hills - 80€

Fancy trying a little Segway Off-road? With us you can! From May to October we will show you the Torino hills [..]

Mountain Adventure - 95€

From May to October we will take you on a discovery of some of Piedmont’s uncontaminated spots: parks, mountain paths and shelters! [..]

Artist's lights - 50€

Take a tour of one of the most important exhibits of lighting installations by great artists [..]


Torino Segway Tour is a cultural and emotive project to take you around the city of Torino on a Segway.                          

Our tours are a SOUVENIR OF EMOTIONS expertly studied by the photographer Piero Ottaviano to introduce you to some of the hidden jewels of the first Italian Capital.                            

The Segway is the simple and enjoyable way through which we would like you to discover a lively, open, striking European city…



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